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QYC Off Season Wrestling Reimbursement Form

QYC wants to encourage its members to continue to wrestle in the “off-season”. To encourage this, the Board of Directors has initiated a program to reimburse you a portion of the cost of spring, summer or fall classes at certain area wrestling clubs.

Hopefully this financial incentive will encourage more of our youth wrestlers to continue wrestling from March through October. Off-season is considered to be anytime between the end of QYC’s dual-meet season in February to the beginning of QYC’s practice schedule in October.

QYC does not offer reimbursement for private classes attended during its official season.


Tournament, MAWA and PJW Reimbursement 

Who’s eligible?

All K-6 QYC wrestlers who were registered and participated with the Club during the entire previous wrestling season are eligible. This includes our exhibition, junior varsity and varsity wrestlers.

Late registrants are eligible however those wrestlers who do not finish the season are not.

Wrestlers in the 6th grade who graduated from the club at the March banquet are eligible for the spring or summer class, but not a fall class once they begin 7th grade.

Middle School and High School wrestlers registered with QYC are not eligible.

How much will I be reimbursed?

There are two (2) levels of reimbursement currently available:

  1. If a wrestler attends at least 75% of the classes available for the session he/she was registered, QYC will reimburse you 33% of the cost, up to a maximum of $75. This will be based on the assumption that the Club offers two classes per week. Therefore, for example if a wrestler is registered for a 10 week session with two classes available each week, he/she would be required to attend at least 15 classes.
  2. If the wrestler attends at least 50% of the classes available for the session he/she was registered, but was not able to attend 75% of the classes, QYC will reimburse a parent 25% of the cost, up to a maximum of $75. So using the same 10- week session example as before, if a wrestler attends 12 classes, you would be eligible for this level of reimbursement.

If a wrestler attends less than 50% of the available classes during the session for which he/she was registered, no reimbursement is available from QYC.

What are the approved classes?

There are four (4) clubs/clinics that the Board of Directors has approved for this reimbursement. They are:

  1. Red Hawk Wrestling Club in Phillipsburg, NJ. 
  2. Jack Cuvo’s Wrestling Club in Easton, PA. 
  3. Avengers Wrestling Club in Upper Perk, PA. 
  4. SEPA (all locations)

This reimbursement policy is intended for wrestling clubs that offer classes on a weekly basis over the course of a long term session. It is not intended to provide reimbursement for wrestling camps that offer instruction each day during a one-week period.

How does it work?

  • Sign up for one of the approved clubs/clinics for at least a 10 week session, or for a minimum 20-class session depending on how the particular club offers its classes. 
  • Wrestler to pay the required fees to that club/clinic. 
  • Wrestler to attend the classes and have the attached QYC Reimbursement Attendance sheet signed by a club representative at each and every practice attended.
  • At the end of the seasonal session the wrestler is to fill out the attached QYC Off Season Reimbursement form . 
  • Once all documents are filled out correctly, the wrestler is to submit the reimbursement form along with the attendance sheet to the QYC treasurer (or any board member). The treasurer will review your claim, and if the above criteria is met, a check will be issued to you.
  • Reimbursement forms must be submitted to the QYC Board prior to December 31 of the year in which the classes were attended.

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